Panel Discussion: Crash Course in Stock - A Stock Market Report from WIN-Initiative

Want to find out more about stock photography? Get ready to meet the folks at WIN-Initiative. WIN is an alternative stock agency that's working hard to brighten up the future for photographers interested in making a side stream of income shooting the work they love. Spend time with Hans Neleman and WIN friends and explore new opportunities in photographing for stock, and get up to speed on trends in this “stock market” report. This panel/talk will help you get to understand stock in today’s marketplace, explain the needs and expectations of clients, and provide insight that help solve some of the challenges you, the artistic image-maker, face. An informative presentation; there will be focus on trending brace yourself this is not your boring stock talk rather a fresh crash course to help you understand the fast changing world of stock.
Panelists to be confirmed.

About WIN-Initiative:
Dutch-born, American photographer, Hans Neleman started his photography career shooting advertising assignments in New York and Europe. His portraits and personal still lifes are recognized in the commercial and fine art arenas. He has published three books: Moko – Maori Tattoo, Silence, and Night Chicas. After attaining over 80-plus international awards Neleman created his own alternative stock agency WIN-Initiative. WIN’s alternative edge and pro youth culture approach was met with instant success. WIN works with 800 talents in 22 countries.