3:30pm - 4:30pm
Panel Discussion: Cruel and Unusual: The Prisons, the Photography or Both?

With a wide selection of image-types and surprising good humor, 'Cruel and Unusual' co-curator Pete Brook talks about documentary, institutional, vernacular and legal photography and the political uses of images by media, activists and families. If the ability "to see" relates to power, then what - based upon our shared visual culture - can we conclude about U.S. prison systems? Is photography a rehabilitative act? Can prisoners use cameras?
Panelists to be confirmed.

About Pete Brook:
Pete Brook is a freelance writer focusing on photography, the politics of incarceration, visual culture, social justice and civil liberties. Pete's blog 'Prison Photography' has received awards from and the British Journal of Photography. He writes about photography for For two years, he served as a working board member with University Beyond Bars, Seattle, WA. Pete lives in Portland, OR.

For related programming, Pete Brook is also a curator for the CONTAINER EXHIBIT, Cruel and Unusual, presented by Noorderlicht Photography.