Presentation: Show-and-Tell
"Show-and-Tell is exactly what it sounds like: People can bring an object of personal significance and talk about it for up to three minutes. Objects can range from the ordinary to the eccentric, but they should has something to do with photography -- an old photo, a camera, a film canister, a contact sheet, etc. In general, though, Show-and-Tell isn't about the objects; it's about the stories connected to the ojbects.

You can either bring an object and be prepared to talk about it, or you can just be part of the audience (because you can't have Show-and-Tell unless there are people to be shown and told). Either way, it's a good time."

About Paul Lukas:
Paul Lukas specializes in finding compelling narratives within ordinary objects. He has used that approach while writing for the New York Times,, Fortune magazine,, GQ, Print, Gourmet, and the Wall Street Journal, among many other publications. He has been hosting monthly Show-and-Tell events around Brooklyn since the fall of 2010 and firmly believes that you have a good Show-and-Tell object lurking in your pocket or bag right now, whether you realize it or now.