Talk: The Art of Fashion Portraiture
Fashion is much more than glossy magazines and designer labels. Discover how to translate a portrait into an iconic fashion image. Aesthetics are at the forefront of any fashion portrait; an image must be highly polished and refined. Learn to identify the essence and the story behind the portrait through clothing, gesture, and expression. The talk will explore the works of several iconic fashion portrait photographers as well as Andrea's own work.
Presented by: Andrea Blanch

About Musee Magazine:
Began as a visually-driven online photography magazine, Musée is dedicated to displaying the work of international emerging photographers. Musée Magazine and Musée Online seek to provide a venue and resource for new photographers, with the necessary exposure and guidance to launch their future careers. Musée is the brainchild of noted fashion and art photographer Andrea Blanch. Blanch is a NY-based award-winning fashion, fine art and conceptual photographer. Referred to as "the woman who knows how to capture a woman," her work has been published in Details, G.Q., the French, English, American, German, Australian and Italian issues of Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Marie Claire and Rolling Stone. Blanch published in 1999 a book of private thoughts and intimate photos, Italian Men: Love & Sex."