12:30pm - 1:15pm
Talk: The Future of Photography

Everyone today has a camera, from a phone to a high-end video camera. Are we over saturating our culture with imagery or is visual imagery simply the foremost way we communicate? Many wonder where the “business” of photography is headed, most believe the video medium will be the dominant technology as distribution on multiple platforms is easily available. The future is really anybody’s guess. One thing is for certain, we are changing the way we communicate with on another – but the bottom line is no matter how the story is delivered – it’s our ability to convey the story that counts.
Presented by: Gail Mooney

About ASMP:
The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) represents the leading professional image-makers in this industry. Formed in 1944 to stand for the rights of photojournalists, ASMP today continues to be the leading advocate for commercial and editorial professionals.

Gail Mooney is 1st VP of ASMP. She has been a still photographer for 35 years, working for magazines such as National Geographic and Smithsonian. In the last decade, she has integrated still and motion into her business. She recently completed a feature length documentary, Opening Our Eyes, which has received a number of awards in film festivals throughout the world.