11:15am - 12:00pm
Talk: Running or Ruining Your Photography Business

Most photographers have well-developed artistic talents but under-developed commercial skills. Putting yourself and keeping yourself on the market can be a real struggle. Being a pro is being a small business owner and, as a business owner, you need to know about bookkeeping, sales, marketing, social media and so on. Running your business successfully is just as important as choosing the right shutter speed and aperture. With a voice of experience, van Driel speaks about the mistakes of talented photographers who ruin their businesses, only because they neglect commercial ‘rules’. But she also gives examples of the successes of those who are aware that running a business has everything to do with mentality and perseverance. Because when technical, artistic and commercial knowledge merge, there is nothing to stop anyone from earning his or her bread and butter as a photographer.
Presented by: Sonja van Driel

About Sonja van Driel:
Sonja van Driel is a seasoned professional in photography. She is an instructor, writer and speaker and has made her living as a photographer for over 18 years. She has established her name and has built a solid clientele. However, from experience, she knows that running a business is a skill that has to be developed. Trial and error does not only apply to taking good photos but also to running a business. Sonja is the author of Photographers’ Bread and Butter, a book that helps photographers prepare for the marketplace and understand what clients need and expect from them. As it is easier to personally relate to examples and anecdotes than to dry theoretical pieces of text, van Driel writes about the blunders, successes and visions of herself and colleagues alike. The book also includes six interviews with image buyers; the very people who put food on our table.