4:00pm - 5:00pm
Human Rights Through Visual Story Telling
Visual Story Telling is a very powerful advocacy tool to speak about human rights and social issues in general. Photography is a narrative and just as writers write with words, photographers inform, entertain, inspire or frighten with light. AnthropoGraphia exists to promote visual storytellers who commit themselves to telling human stories to the world. AnthropoGraphia seeks to abolish disciplinary borders because ultimately it is the narrative that must come first. Through different stories from the world’s best photographers, Matthieu Rytz, founder of AnthropoGraphia, will describe how photography should be used as a visual narrative to speak about human rights.
Presented by: Matthieu Rytz

About Anthropographia:
Visual anthropologist, photographer, and social entrepreneur, Matthieu Rytz founded Anthropographia in Montreal in 2008.  AnthropoGraphia’s purpose is to promote visual storytellers who are committed to telling human stories to the world.