Andre Feliciano's GREENHOUSE

Brazilian artist André Feliciano was commissioned by United Photo Industries to create an interactive art installation featuring over 3,000 of his signature fabricated "camera flowers," with cameras blooming out of tulips, lilies, sunflowers myriads, and over a dozen other kinds of flowers. These colorful sculptures filled a custom built greenhouse. A widely collected artist in his native Brazil, Feliciano’s installation in Photoville was the the first public viewing of his work in America.

Andre Feliciano's unique camera flower installations have been presented in numerous prestigious art institutions in Brazil, including the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM), the Tomie Ohtake Institute and Sao Paulo’s Geothe Institute. Andre’s work is also in the collection of the Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York.

For more information on Andre and to see more of his amazing work, you can check out his website: