Salt students have been documenting Maine for almost 40 years. Whatever preconceived notions you have about Portland (our home base) and the rest of the Pine Tree state will most likely be challenged (in a good way) by the beautiful work and unexpected stories that our students discover.

We are exhibiting a variety of images created by Salt students over the past few years.

Our hope was to introduce viewers to the unique landscape of Maine and the incredible breadth of stories that can be pursued during a semester at Salt.

These single images all part of larger stories (photo essays and visual narratives) and some are part of multimedia pieces that were also produced at Salt.

Artists: Graham Letorney, Wolf Daniel, Bridget Ganske, Jessica Pierce, Heather Noonan, David Foster, Nellie Large, Nicolas Tanner, epli, Alan Hunter, Ellen Sherwood, Michelle Gerster, Katrina Herzog, Alexander Kreher, and Claire Harbage.

© epli

About Salt Institute for Documentary Studies:
Salt's mission is to educate + promote documentary storytellers.

We're a non-profit school in Portland, Maine offering a 15-week intensive program in documentary writing, radio, photography and multimedia.

Graduate and undergraduate students come from all over the US as well as other countries for four months of intensive field research coupled with workshops and seminars. Students develop their craft in order to create documentaries of professional caliber.

We also exhibit documentary work in our gallery and host documentary-related events in our cozy auditorium.