During our annual crazy camping trip of photo-splosions, we each take probably hundreds or thousands of images, some of them really special. This year each camper will have to pick one photo to show at the Photoville event just four days after camp.

Artists: Gabriela Herman (, Ryan Schude (, Paul Octavious (, Dan Busta (, Lauren Randolph (, Daniel Seung Lee (, Michael O'Neal (, Steph Goralnick (, Chad Nicholson (, Matt Nuzzaco (, Cody Bratt (, Mark Lobo (, Lisa Weatherbee (, Matthew Mahon (, Tyler Sharp (, Beto Ruiz Alonso (, Liz Devine (, Michelle Alexis Newman (, Anjali Pinto (, Chris Butler (, Kristina Yamamoto (, Nina Westervelt (, Rachel Been (, David Todd (, Ike Edeani (, Henry Busby (, Garrett Cornelison (, Naomi Harris (, William Wilkinson, Michael Forster Rothbart, Netta Marshall (, Adrienne Pitts (, Laura Brunow Miner (

© Michael O'Neal

About Phoot Camp:
Phoot Camp is a creative retreat and photography workshop hosted by Laura Brunow Miner, founder of Pictory and former editor in chief of JPG Magazine. Each year, hundreds apply and 35 get to attend.

Why Phoot Camp? Life is about doing great work with our friends, if we make it happen. Creatives can tend to be independent folks, but you can’t achieve your wildest dreams on your own. While we don’t always know who these important people in life are going to be or how we’re going to do the best work of our careers, getting a bunch of talented strangers in the same place seems like a good start to finding out.