Tent Life: Haiti takes the viewer inside the tents where over a million Haitians lived in the aftermath of the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010.

Two months after the disaster, photographer Wyatt Gallery and five fellow artists traveled to Port-au-Prince to volunteer with Healing Haiti and to document the disaster-stricken city.

Gallery returned again seven months later and continued to photograph the living conditions in the massive tent cities that had become Port-au-Prince’s new settlements. Although people were frustrated, they kept hope alive and, moreover, did their best to recreate a normal way of life. Residents opened beauty salons, markets, and other small businesses within their tents. They organized and arranged their few remaining belongings, hanging towels and shirts on clotheslines, placing hooks on the walls for purses, and creating makeshift vanities for their toiletries.

Although Gallery found sadness and suffering among the ruins, his photographs are a testament to the strength and dignity of the Haitian people.

Tent Life: Haiti was published by Umbrage Editions. All royalties are donated to Jenkins/Penn HRO, Healing Haiti, and The Global Syndicate, organizations working to support the people of Haiti. The book is a tribute to the Haitian people.”

Artist: Wyatt Gallery
Presented by: Open Society Foundations

© Wyatt Gallery

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