CONTAINER EXHIBITION: No Place Like Home: Foreclosures in America
Bruce Gilden documented the areas worst afflicted by the U.S. housing market crash, including Fort Myers, FL; Detroit, MI; Fresno, CA; and Nevada. Only by showing the human cost of the housing crash is there any hope for systemic change.
Artist: Bruce Gilden
Presented by: The Magnum Foundation

© Bruce Gilden

Millions of Chinese citizens come from across the country with dreams of making it big in the capital. Faced with sky-high property prices, living underground is often the only option for this legion of low-waged migrant workers, who make up one-third of Beijing’s estimated 20 million people.
Artist: Sim Chi Yin / VII Mentor Program
Presented by: The Magnum Foundation

© Sim Chi Yin / VII Mentor Program

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