The shooting location for “Worshippers” was mainly at the Jokhang Temple Square and the Eighth Gallery Street in Lhasa. The Jokhang Temple was used as the center, and from morning to evening, with this period as the clue for time, recorded the Buddhists coming from all over the world to visit. Light and shadow created an ethereal and mysterious worshipping atmosphere which expressed the firm, persistent and devout spirit, the calm and open-minded attitude for the lives of the worshippers, and the universal fraternal spirit of prayer for the common people and the pursuit of equality for all living things. This work attempts to pry into the worshippers’ inner world and their ethos.

Artist: Li Hao
Produced by: High Noon Culture & Art Corp
Curated by: Cai Huansong

© Li Hao

About Li Hao:
Li Hao, male, born in Guangdong’s Maoming City, China, in 1969, is a member of the China Photographers Association and the vice-chairman of the Maoming City Photographers Association. In 1988 he began to enjoy traveling and studied photography independently. Between the years 2003 and 2011, he traveled to Lhasa of Tibet a total of 6 times to shoot “Worshippers.” In April 2011, he held the “Worshippers” individual exhibition in Maoming City, and in December, “Worshippers” was selected for the “Star Exhibition” held by the Guangdong Cultural Federation and the Guangdong Photographers Association. His works can be seen in many magazines, such as Chinese Photographers, Chinese Photography, and so on.

For related programming, artist Li Hao is presenting ARTIST TALK, Worshippers, on Saturday June 23 at 2:15pm - 3:15pm.