A group show of 28 Dutch photographers that pays tribute to women.

Artists: Jaap Bijsterbosch, Jenny Boot, Rinze van Brug, Gon Buurman, Frank van Delft, Martin Dijkstra, Tara Fallaux, Aloys Ginjaar, Carli Hermés, Dutch J. den Hollander, Barend Houtsmuller, Lilith, Peter van der Meer, Susanne Middelberg, Cornelia Nauta, Lenny Moeskops / Diederick Ingel, Mathilde Mupe, Roger Neve, Govert de Roos, Maartje Roos, Lieve Prins, Annelies Rigter, Suzan van de Roemer, Nancy Schoenmakers, Paul Tolenaar, Astrid Verhoef, Bianca van der Werf, Shakiro Werleman.
Presented by: Aloys Ginjaar with additional support from Adorama Pix.

© Lilith

About Aloys Ginjaar:
In the fifties the photo book The Family of Man made an everlasting impression on Aloys Ginjaar (Amsterdam, 1946). This optimistic, lyrical image of the world inspired him on his journey to becoming a life seeking photographer. ‘Long live life!’ remains his motto , as he catches life as it appears to his loving eyes. As he says : ‘You can better watch the game, if you don’t join in’.

His work has - amongst more - been published three times in the World Press Photo book (1973, 1975, 1977), on postcard with Art Unlimited and sold by auction at Sotheby’s Amsterdam. Since November 2000 Aloys Ginjaar has been organizing the monthly Photographers Evening, an informal and stimulating meeting point for the Dutch photographic community. Unique in the world: He has also been the curator of several photography exhibitions at the ABC Treehouse Gallery.